Commit to Making a Difference

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The hectic pace of our everyday lives makes it easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. By stepping back to take in a broader view, we can identify opportunities where small changes can create large impact. It’s at the core of the Certified B Corporation community: By considering their impact each day on workers, environment and community, and planning for long-term improvement, B Corps demonstrate the powerful potential of incremental progress.

In our final B the Change Weekly newsletter of 2019 (we’ll return to your inbox in January!), we share how B Corps take small steps toward larger, more impactful change — and how your business can do the same in the new year.

Low-Price Gifts with a Big Impact

It’s the time of year to show appreciation for those who brighten our days in big and small ways. You can choose a little something for these everyday heroes and amplify the impact of your gift purchases by voting with your dollars through choosing gifts from companies that also value people and planet.

For the holidays or anyday, the gifts from the B Corps highlighted in this B the Change article offer products at $25 or less so you can be a force for good and show you care — for the recipient and for the other stakeholders who benefit from your purchase.

3 First Steps to Improving Your Company’s Impact

Becoming a B Corp means more than taking stock of your company’s current operations. Through certification, businesses have the opportunity to set goals for improvement, create greater positive social and environmental impact, and track performance over time.

Ready to learn more? This B the Change article shares three initial steps that can put your business on the right track toward making a positive impact for people and planet.

B Corp Connects with and for a New Generation

For B Corp Dhana, clothing provides a way to connect and empower the three building blocks of its business: Mother Nature, garment workers, and children. By holding its business partners to high standards, Dhana aims to improve the lives of women who make its apparel while boosting the local economy and taking a stand on human rights.

On B the Change, Dhana shares more about its kindness-driven mission for its apparel creators and global community, and the children whose love and joy continue to inspire its work.

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