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Climate change continues to dominate the news: Record high temperatures have struck Antarctica, a new study describes the growing threat to dryland ecosystems, the business community has prioritized its role in providing solutions, and Amazeon CEO Jeff Bezos has started a new fund with $10 billion to address the challenges. Here is a selection of SSIR articles, book excerpts, and powerful photographs that observe the fallout from climate change and offer solutions.

1. Climate Change: What Is Our Goal?

It’s time to restructure the climate problem from averting a distant global catastrophe to minimizing collective suffering.

2. How a Nobel Prize in Economics Could Help Solve the Climate Crisis

A growing body of research that explains how human behavior helped create the climate crisis could also point the way toward solving it.

3. Changing the Climate by Leaving ‘Climate Change’ Behind

The best way to increase clean energy production and phase out fossil fuels may be to shift the narrative from climate change to messages that reflect people’s deeply held values, particularly those related to better health.

4. Entering Climate Change Through the Side Door

Advocates can make progress on polarized issues by finding new ways into engaging people in different perspectives, rather than trying to knock down the front door with a barrage of facts.

5. Innovative Solutions for Climate Change Need More Than Money

Climate-change entrepreneurs need funding, but they also need the expertise, networking, and intellectual capital that incubators and foundations can provide.

6. Worldly Strategy for the Global Climate

Progress in dealing with the problem of climate change will require that the institutions of government, business, and community work not in isolation from each other, let alone at cross-purposes, but by reinforcing each other’s efforts through consolidation. Open for subscribers only. Visit our subscriptions page to support SSIR’s mission to inform and inspire leaders of social change.

7. Connecting Climate Resilience to the Bottom Line

The time is ripe for companies to look beyond quarterly earnings and depreciation schedules, and into frameworks and strategies that will build long-term resilience.

8. Book Excerpt: Can Business Save the Earth?

An excerpt from Can Business Save the Earth?: Innovating Our Way to Sustainability explores how to catalyze business and markets to innovate sustainable technologies.

9. Book Excerpt: How Culture Shapes the Climate Change Debate

This book presents evidence and research to help demystify the opposing cultural lenses through which science is interpreted.

10. Last Look: No Exit

As the world’s climate scientists continue to warn us of the dire consequences of global warming, including a documented increase in wildfires, climate change is revealing new ways of how little we invest in and value humanity.

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