Jane Goodall on Why Planting Trees Is so Important | Ways to Change the World

Jane Goodall started her career studying chimps in Gombe, Tanzania. Her work changed the way we see chimps forever But when she returned to Gombe 30 years after her first visit, she was shocked to see it had been stripped of most of its trees. An island of forest surrounded by completely bare hills, with people struggling to survive.

Thanks to Goodall’s innovative Roots & Shoots scheme, thousands of kids around the world are planting trees, encouraging children to volunteer in nature.

Now, Goodall’s taking her reforesting mission to the next level, joining the global movement to plant and protect 1 trillion trees.

Scientists say that natural solutions could provide a third of the emissions reductions needed by 2030. About the series: Every week we’ll bring you a new video story on the entrepreneurs, companies and countries changing our planet for the better. Check back every Monday for a new video on the incredible people changing our world.

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