Why This Entrepreneur Left The City To Start A Modern Day Farm and Eco Community

In episode 42 of the Disruptors for GOOD podcast, I speak with Marc Angelo Coppola, founder of Valhalla Farms Montreal on buying 60 acres of farmland to turn into a modern oasis of sustainable education and community.

Marc dedicated to having an impact. Defining success in unconventional measures he has earned a living by applying the skills of entrepreneurship and marketing for a cause. Marc Angelo is also the founder behind Valhalla Farms, The Valhalla Movement, and Superhero Academy – he strives to empower social entrepreneurs and sustainable business leaders to be bold – dynamic – engaging storytellers – aka everyday superheroes – that will change the world through their actions and the movements they help inspire.

Marc’s thirst for exploring and the pursuit of new ideas and ways to growing the sustainability movement into a mainstream lifestyle is unquenchable.

The foundation of the farm and community is built around a term called permaculture. Permaculture is a philosophy of working with nature through observation of all the functions of each element to design whole systems. Valhalla Farms Montreal is applying principles of permaculture in all aspects of the project.

The eventual Learning Center:

Natural Building; there are many solutions today that function passively using natural or reused materials such as Hemp, Earthships, Cob houses, Rocket Stoves and Compost showers. These innovative technologies provide accessible change for everyone.

Sociocracy is a self-managed decision making model for organizations and communities. Valhalla Farms Montreal implements Sociocracy to ensure that all members are included in the decision making while still being efficient in our decision making.

Founder of Causeartist + Social Entrepreneur + Partner at Charity Charge.

Source: Causeartist


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