B the Change Weekly: December 6, 2019

Since Leesa Sleep launched in 2015, the Certified B Corporation has donated more than 33,000 mattresses as part of its social mission.

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The Certified B Corporation concept of business as a force for good can take some time to explain. That’s why many B Corps have committed to spreading the message of what it means to be a “B” to their employees, community members, customers and even investors. The more people who recognize the B Corp as they go about their daily lives — at the grocery store, mall, or office building — the broader the movement to use business as a force for good can spread.

In sharing their B Corp values and message, these companies are also helping more people understand the power of their everyday choices to make a positive difference — from what they purchase to where they work.

This week we share how B Corps are building awareness and understanding of business as a force for good broadly in their communities and beyond.

Portland Pop-Up Store Serves as a Win-Win

A holiday B Corp pop-up store in a Portland, Oregon, mall is built around multitasking: informing more consumers about what it means to do business as a B Corp while also providing them with local gift-worthy B Corp products such as wine, coffee and chocolate. (That’s what we call a delicious win-win.)

On B the Change, learn more about the idea behind the PDX B Store, now open for its second holiday season, and how it helps customers see how they can vote every day for a better future by buying from B Corps.

The Power of Choice in the Grocery Aisles

Three New England B Corps seized an opportunity to reach consumers in an everyday environment: the grocery dairy aisle. Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs, Cabot Creamery, and Stonyfield Organic teamed up for an in-store promotion that encouraged customers to consider the power of their purchases, at the grocery store and beyond.

On B the Change, learn how the three B Corps collaborated to transform shopping for basics like butter, eggs, yogurt into broader awareness of purpose-minded businesses.

3 Ways to Spread the Force-for-Good Word

Through activities ranging from a “bedside chat” event in New York City to an Oregon wine tasting, Certified B Corporations are connecting with their communities and spreading the word about businesses that are a force for good.

This B the Change article highlights how three B Corps spread the word on ways they benefit environment, employees and community while using business as a force for good.

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